Babies born in cabs and cross-dressing, ftw.

If I were the cabbie, I would not be quite sure how to handle this situation. Apparently, a couple on their way to Massachusetts General Hospital found themselves in an unwelcomed predicament when the wife went into labor- while the cab was stuck in a traffic jam. What a nice way to be welcomed into the world, right?

Woman gives birth in Boston cab during traffic jam

Being the curious person that I am, I thought- “I wonder if anyone else has made headlines for giving birth in that same way?” BEHOLD! My curiosity struck gold. A similar situation happened in an episode of Frasier. The difference is, the cab driver was the one going into labor. Take a look:

Speaking of Frasier, Kelsey Grammer has been mentioned a lot in the news lately. Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard about his affair and divorce news already, but what’s important is Mr. Grammer’s  performance in the Broadway play La Cage Aux Folles where in plays a nightclub owner in drag. The New York Times posted a review of the musical back in April 2010. Kelsey is scheduled to continue performing his character of Georges in La Cage until July 2011.


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