Creativity makes the world go round

I may have a love for writing; however, I wish I could possess the ability to express myself artistically. A creative mind and the ability to express that creative mind is what the 21st century is all about. New ideas, innovations and artists are always needed to breathe life into old industries.

I recently came across some interesting websites that show how people have put artistic spins on both ordinary and unusual things. The great part about it is that they’re able to use their natural talents to make money. In a world where we are environmentally conscious, recycling has become a top priority. The artist at uses discarded LPs to create paintings of artists past and present. At your request, he’ll recreate the artist of your choice for $200.

Why not use the going green initiative to make a profit? One of nature’s most abundant gifts has been used in an art form called leaf carving. The leaves used for the carvings are native to India and China. The time it takes to create these brilliant pieces of art can take months of tedious and careful work. Pre-carved pieces start at $24.95 and you can have a custom carving done starting at $89.95. Leaf Carving Art is one of the companies that produces this art form. Another artist has been using his gift in wood carvings to make urns for pets (I admit, a little creepy, but nonetheless a creative artform and a way to stack cash).

I encourage those with a gift in creativity to use it to make money somehow. In fact, I believe that everyone has the ability to invent and create. In this day and age, creativity and innovation are what companies are looking for to put new spins on the old and to compete in a more global society.  You can create using something vintage or even something found in nature. Either way, put your creativity to the test and see how much fortune it may bring you.


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Bonjour! My name is Kiara and I'm a sophomore Advertising/PR major at Oklahoma State University. I love media, being creative, fashion, films and writing. Most of all, I love finding out about interesting stories and people. In the future, I would like to work for a media entertainment company. View all posts by Kiara

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