Embarrassing hobbies = happiness

Life can bring hurt, happiness, embarrassment, fear, uncertainty and world of other thoughts and emotions to us.  These all make us feel alive, giving us the ability to be human. To get away from the anguish that life can sometimes bring, I believe that we should (and most of us do) have some sort of hobby. 

There always seems to be a need to be accepted, to be a part of the “cool” crowd. Everyone has to have the latest gadgets, own the hottest fashion, read the newest book in the series of some trendy new author. However, I truly believe that inside of everyone, there lies a  nerd waiting  to be freed. For most of us, at the end of the day we engage in the hobbies that reveal just how cool we may not be.

I came across a story in the L.A. Times about a kid (well, now man) that has spent 12 years creating a rubberband ball.  Tim Gardner of Staten Island, NY started the endeavor of creating the world’s largest rubber band ball at the age 0f 11. Tim, now 23, has gotten the rubber mass to weigh 420 pounds. He’s always aimed for the world record, which is at 9, 400 pounds. Tim’s rubberband ball is housed at the Staten Island Children’s Museum not too far from his childhood home. There, children get to marvel at the colorful work Tim has created.

Americans work so hard that it is become very important to take time out for leisure and hobbies. CNN.com has an entire webpage titled Discover Your Passions: American’s New Leisure that offers all types of ways to help you find what helps you relax. There is even a quiz that helps you pick out what hobby best suites your personality! I got the creative personality type

As for me, I have a few hobbies that are pretty normal and one or two that channel my inner nerd. I love to cook and create things. Being able to express myself whether through writing, painting or projects is important to me. As for the embarrassing hobbies 1) doing homework 2) crunching numbers and 3) playing Zuma. Although it is required, homework has always been a stress reliever for me. I didn’t grow up with siblings so school was- fun and exciting! I also like to crunch numbers, don’t ask, haha. Finally, when life is really getting to me, I turn up my earphones and play a computer game targeted to 8-year-olds called Zuma.

So don’t be afraid to let that inner nerd out! Admitting to an embarrassing hobby may make you blush, but at the same time it may make you cooler (at least in my eyes) or maybe even a semi-celebrity like Tim 🙂

Photo credit: Adam Russell


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