Experience the world unknown

I was reading a thread about what some people thought everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. I wasn’t too impressed with the usual answers of skydiving, trying drugs or polar ice swimming. After reading for a few minutes, I did become very interested in the number of times living in another country came up. I’m so glad that I live in a time where people value learning about the world outside their backyard.

Photo credit: Katerah

The rave reviews I hear about learning about a culture different from my own make me so hopeful and estatic about my future travels around the world. I love to read about the experiences people have in their home away from home and this particular post on Reddit.com shows what unusual, wonderful things one might encounter in life.

The world unknown can also be right here in the United States. It amazes me how much we take for granted the melting pot that our country is. Often times people are intimated by someone who looks, acts differently than them, but I feel like it’s one of the coolest things to be able to talk to someone who is different from myself.

My point to get across is that I think everyone should take the opportunity to get out of their comfort zone. Yes, I want to travel the world, but I also want to know about the person who sits next to me in my American Studies class. Everyone  has a story and each story is exquisite to that individual. Envelop yourself in the cultures of  those that live 3, 300 and 3,000 miles away. I hope that someday I can say that I let my unmapped life take me to  places where I have the opportunity to experience a world different from my own.

Photo credit: Latin America for Less


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