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Have You Forgotten (video)

I had an assignment for my Electronic Communication class this week to find a video and analyze it. Browsing through for my video of choice, I came across the video Have You Forgotten by Christopher Smith.

The first 30 seconds of this video shows American citizens of an earlier time struggling to make ends meet. You see people sleeping outside on cots, children playing around tenement homes and car junkyards.  Paired along with that old footage is an announcer telling of how great America is. He mentions America as a place of prosperity, where the people who make this country work day in and day out to make it the great place that it is.

  After the first 30 seconds, we are taken to present times where we see a young girl walking alone with a blue folder in her hand. There are about one or two shots that come up of old newspapers headlining hard economic times. I finally made the connection that this video was about the great promises of opportunity in America that millions are now having difficulty attaining. No matter where the young lady in the video goes, she is alone with her little blue folder filled with resumes. At about 1:5o into the video, we hear FDR proclaiming the Second Bill of Rights, which promises the right to a job and other securities. There is then a fade between American’s of the past working and our “modern” girl walking a road alone. The video ends with the girl of today getting up and uncovering a graffiti phrase stating “Have You Forgotten.”

This was such a beautifully executed video that showcased that the struggles of past Americans still face us today. Through a tough economy, our government still has not solidified the rights and promises of FDR in 1944. We still stand before our government asking “Have you forgotten about us?”


Soundslides project-Condom Casino

Below is a video I created with a classmate, Conner, for our Electronic Communication class. We chose to do our project over Condom Casino, which is an event put on by OSU’s Student Union Activities Board to teach and encourage safe sex in a way that college students find fun and interactive. Enjoy!

Who I am and who I hope to be

It didn’t strike me until about a week ago that I have a long, triumphant history. I never before realized the power within me that comes from being a woman. Yes, a woman- strong, smart, couragous, innovative, gracious and caring. Cheap Amusements: Working Women and Leisure in Turn-of-the-Century New York, a book I was assigned in a class, opened up my eyes to the hardships that women had to endure while trying to make a living in this country. Last month, my African-American roots gave me a reason to feel empowered. This month, it’s all about the empowerment I feel from being a woman.

March is National Women’s History Month and the National Women’s History Project has the 2011 theme of “Our History is our Strength”.  I feel as though I discovered Women’s History Month at the right time in my life because I had been feeling a void in my life. It was not a void that could be filled with late night college parties. I felt a need to discover me so I could make a difference in the world.  Michael Gelinas wrote an article for the Huffington Post about  the importance of women’s history. Gelinas challenges us to “consider the opportunities you have to empower women in your own life.”

As of today, I feel empowered. I want to take the strength given to me by the generations of women before me to make a change in someone else’s life. There are still women from all around the world that are seeking rights.  Women in Saudi Arabia cannot drive or even open bank accounts without male approval. It is quite possible that the women in Saudi Arabia are on the brink of a movement for women’s rights.

Take a stand, make a difference. We must continue to march forward on the path that was carved by the brave women before us. I want to be remembered as one of those women who made a stand that was not only beneficial for myself, but thousands. Celebrate and remember-the 100th International Women’s Day is March 8, 2011.