Easter and growing up

I honestly do not think that Easter could have come any later this year. I mean, I bought some little pink bunny ears about four weeks ago thinking that Easter Sunday would be only a week away, but noooooo, I had these ridiculous ears sitting out on my desk forever until Easter actually came. I’m pretty sure people who saw them out four weeks ago thought that I was randomly wearing them to be skanky. Truth be told, I bought them because I wanted to feel like a kid again. Once you grow-up, the mystery of holidays passes, so I try to do something fun to make the holidays a bit more magical. After all, kids can’t have ALL of the fun!

In a slide show for the Chicago Tribune, adults show off their creative side by making masterpieces out of the well-known Peeps candy. There has also been research done about the resiliency of Peeps in all types of conditions. Peepresearch.org was created my some college students a few years ago that shows the results of Peeps performing under pressure in a series of lab tests. Peeps again made the headlines this Easter, but this time a home in Seattle. The family living in the home woke up this morning to find that their front yard was covered in Peeps. It seems a little weird to me to take the time to put Peeps in someone’s front yard, but apparently it has become a tradition there to have your yard “Peeped” instead of  toilet papering it.

So there you have it, a few ways that adults can have fun with the holidays again. This will prove especially entertaining if you adore Peeps. Live, learn, laugh and then as an adult re-learn things that make holidays and life simply fun again.


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