Monthly Archives: September 2011

Technology through the years

It has been awhile since I have written anything, and I am excited to be back. I am in my junior year at Oklahoma State University, and am still finding all the little things in life to be exciting and fascinating. Therefore, I will continue to keep my blog about all the occurrences in life that make the human experience what it is.

So, I was sitting in my room earlier thinking about  industrialization and technology. It is a really crazy thing to think about how far we have come with the Internet in just the last 10 years. In 2011, knowing how to use the computer and how to browse the Internet is a must. I listen to  people tell me about  how when they were in college, they had to use typewriters and go out and find resources. Can you imagine life now without a backspace key?! I am not trying to make anyone feel old or anything, but rather reiterate how in such a short amount of time technology has changed our lives forever.

On, there was a post that showed how some of today’s most popular websites looked when they were freshly launched. I can remember being about seven years old and being excited whenever I heard a dial-up Internet connection. In just those short 13 years, the Internet has involved into something that is an integral part of everyday life.

Fortunately, I was born at a time where I could grow with the Internet. I was lucky enough not to be an adult who had  to get used to a life with the technology takeover. At the same time, I was old enough to see how the Internet was changing the world as I knew it (Web 2.0), and I was a part of the generation that I feel as though the Internet had the most impact on. In the short time that I was in middle and high school, the Internet changed how schoolwork was done, how we interacted in each other’s lives, and how we gathered information for research.

The evolution of technology, especially the Internet, is here to stay. We all will have to continue to learn and grow as the times change. This video of this elderly couple trying to converse with their granddaughter via web cam demonstrates how everyone is trying their best to keep up with this super-connected world.  As I think about how I am a little more than halfway through college, I can’t help but to wonder how technology will change my life for many years to come.