Reality an undoubted realization

Jersey Shore, The Real World, Teen Mom- these are all popular shows that dominate  our culture. But is there any way reality TV can be avoided? Will it ever fade out of popularity and will our younger generations start to  have more appreciation for more educational programming? Current research shows reality TV is here to stay for awhile. Cable networks TNT, AMC and USA have finally caved into reality TV pressure as they plan to launch their own reality shows.

Furthermore, The Girl Scout Research Institute (yes, that is a real organization) has found that reality TV has a highly negative impact on teen girls. Reality TV has been linked to the “Mean Girl” epidemic. Girls who watch reality TV accept more aggression, drama and bullying in their own lives. I can not think of anything worse than mean, aggressive, bullying Girl Scouts.

Reality TV is expected for cable networks like MTV, VH1 and E!, but where is out society headed when networks like AMC add reality TV to their programming? I am not trying to say that reality TV should not exist, but that we should also have an emphasis and a push for educational TV as well. Setting the example begins with pop culture and somewhere down the line we have to stop promoting unruly behavior. Reality TV is a good thing as long as it honestly depicts both life’s ups and downs without all the unrealistic glamour and glitz.


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