Too legit to quit

I am a total scaredy  cat when it comes to a lot of things in life. Sometimes I will see someone do something completely extreme and think, “Wow! It’s so cool how they can do that! Too bad fear would have me go into shock if I ever tried that.” So, today I will be talking about some people who are ridiculously good at what extreme things they do. In fact, they’re daredevils and in my eyes they are too legit to quit.

There was a video on that gives audiences at idea of what 462 mph looks like from a race car. If you drive more than 100 mph with me  in a car, I am guaranteed to cry.

That not extreme enough for you? How about downhill skateboarding in Brazil at 70 mph?!

Finally, things cannot get anymore extreme than ice swimmer Wim Hof. Someone who can swim in sub-zero cool water must obviously have some sort of superpowers.

After looking at so many extreme videos and photos, I realize I am just the average girl who wants a fairly average life. No extreme sports for me, just kicking back and enjoying life, boredom and all.


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